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Xtrolytle Liquid


A liquid electrolyte that is mixed in the feed daily. Xtrolyte Liquid does not contain any banned

xtrolyte liquid

substances. Recognised by many top trainers and riders as an essential part of the diet for performance

horses and racehorses. Speeds the return to peak condition after racing, traveling or heavy work.
provides a convenient liquid form that is more acceptable to horses. Some horses are reluctant to take
powdered minerals.

Instructions For use:

Feeding Rate: 60 – 120ml per horse per day, depending on work load.

Garlic, Honey & Glucose

Garlic, Honey and Glucose is a highly palatable liquid supplement that combines the GHGproperties of

Garlic, in oil form, with honey and glucose. Honey is a highly palatable source of natural sugar as well as
having antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also believed to be of benefit to
coughs and to gastric ulcers. Liquid glucose is the easiest absorbed form of carbohydrate, providing a
palatable base for the garlic oil, as well as providing low levels of available energy.

Garlic has been used since ancient times for its beneficial properties. It is used to support the respiratory
system, encouraging the healthy expulsion of mucus from the lungs. Rich in sulphur, Garlic may also be
of benefit to healthy hoof formation. feeding Garlic is also thought to support blood, and can be
used to support laminitis, arthritis, sweet itch and skin problems. It is known to aid digestion, supporting
production of beneficial bacteria withing the hind gut. Garlic has also been considered to be of benefit
before and after a course of antibiotics, to provide support to the immune system. It is also known
to contain B group vitamins, Vitamin C, Potassium and phosphorous as well as some amino acids.
Garlic is also known to have antioxidant properties and maintain normal fat metabolism. This product
is ideal for horses in all disciplines of work, breed and age and it will help to support the respiratory and
circulatory systems, allowing optimum oxygen to the muscles and vital organs.

Instructions For Use

Feeding Rate:
Horses: 30ml per horse per day.
Ponies: 30ml per horse per day.

Calmin & Copper

There are some circumstances when mares and foals need more minerals than can be supplied in aCalmin and Copperliquid supplement or a concentrate feed. Calmin & Copper is rich in calcium, required for correct growth
and development of the skeleton. There is also the correct ratio of Calcium to phosphorus. Phosphorus
is also a vital component in the development of the skeleton and is vital in growing horses. Calmin &
Copper also contains magnesium, required for Calciumand Phosphorus metabolism. Copper is included
as it is involved in bone and cartilage formation, again important for the growing horse. Calmin & Copper
also contains the vitamins A, B1, B2, D3, and E along with selenium and other trace elements.

This supplement provides most of the calcium and phosphorus needed to ensure optimum skeletal
development. The inclusion of bioplexes improves absorption and ensures the horse receives all
available minerals.
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Instructions For Us

Feeding rate:
Broodmare: 1 Scoop, Yearling or 2YO: 2/3rd Scoop, Foal: 1/3rd Scoop.
Bulk Mixing: 1.36Kg / 50Kg

Pegus Xlint Gel


A completely natural animal feed supplement, specially extracted from the finest Irish Flax and carefully processed so that it is rich in Omega-3 Oil, protein, fibre, calcium phosphorous and vitamin E. Xlint
supports the horse’s health, condition and appearance by helping their digestive and excretory system,
producing a marked improvement in their coat.

The equine athlete that is provided Xlint can benefit from the difference in inflammatory response. In addition, Xlint has also demonstrated benefits to the cardiovascular system, reproductive performance,
and bone development in numerous research studies in a variety of animal species. The consumption of
Xlint is the only natural way to ensure that essential fatty acids are available for metabolism of the “less-inflammatory” compounds and other metabolites beneficial for the horse’s overall health and well-being.

An ever growing body of research is indicating that Omega-3 contains essential fatty acids that are
extremely important in animal diets for maintaining healthy condition and appearance. Xlint is a special
flax extract containing natures richest and safest source of Omeg-3 present to 24% as compared to 2% in fish oil.



Great success in the equine industry has been achieved by using Xlint to bring horses to peak condition
for breeding, showing competing and selling.

Instructions For Use:

Feeding rate: 100 – 200g (1-2 mugs) per day.

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Good Food Guide

  • Always ensure access to fresh water at all times
  • Feed by Weight, not Volume
  • Try and ensure feeding is regular and consistent
  • Adjust quantities of feed as necessary
  • Introduce changes to the horses diet slowly, as to reduce the incident of digestive upset
  • Ensure a good worming regime is in place
  • Check teeth regularly
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" We try and keep it very simple at our yard with such large numbers of horses passing though , we use 2 feeds Horsehealth Cube "Low Starch"  and Cool Cube  , it offers a  great system that suits us and the horses "

Brian Morrison Global Event Horses International Event Rider

What the Professionals say

"Health mares produce health foals and Ive really seen the benefit of feeding Pegus Triple E to our operation   of Mares, Foals and sale horses , they all Look fantastic"