Premium Racehorse Cube 20kg

Designed for the higher demands on the equine athlete. This highly digestible and energy dense
cube uses only the best tested Irish oats and toasted cereals to provide readily available energy
to meet the needs of the horse’s anaerobic respiration during periods of fast and demanding
work. It also provides the organs and tissues with essential vitamins and minerals for improved
function with Pegus Equine pre-mix supplement and proteins for excellent muscle tone and
tissue strength during exercise. The higher levels of antioxidants are also essential to aid recovery
and reduce tissue damage. Premium Racehorse Cube also contains Super Fibre technology;
this increased fibre availability offers almost equal energy as typical grain diets, yet adding by
reducing starch dependency and reducing muscle fatigue and chances of hind gut acidulous.


Suitable for all types of horses and ponies, Eventers, Showjumping, Dressage, Showing,
Late gestation, Store horses, Hunters, Pre-training, racehorses, trotters.


Good Food Guide

  • Always ensure access to fresh water at all times
  • Feed by Weight, not Volume
  • Try and ensure feeding is regular and consistent
  • Adjust quantities of feed as necessary
  • Introduce changes to the horses diet slowly, as to reduce the incident of digestive upset
  • Ensure a good worming regime is in place
  • Check teeth regularly
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Sara Ennis



"At Pegus they know about horses and about feeding them".