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‘For over 40 years Pegus Horse Feed has been to the forefront of equine nutrition in Ireland, and as each decade has passed, the developments and research in equine science has allowed us at Pegus a better understanding of the demands and requirements needed to ensure that your equine athlete can unlock their true genetic potential.

Our working partnerships and alliances with some of world’s leading nutritionists have given Pegus the extensive research and progressive understanding of the modern equine, offering truly a higher calibre of feed than most. Manufactured in three of the most technically advanced mills in Europe, our modern facilities and carefully selected raw material using the highest quality and meticulous production techniques, provides you with the confidence that every scoop from every bag of Pegus is equine feed perfection.’

David Stone, MD of Pegus Horse Feed, Pictured above, as part of Team Pegus polo team

David Stone, MD of Pegus Horse Feed, Pictured above, as part of Team Pegus polo team

Pegus Horse Feed is one of Ireland’s leading equine feed and nutritional companies, established in 1966, with a vision to produce equine feed using the latest development in equine research. The Pegus range of feed and supplements provides special nutrition products for horse owners throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. Each product has been carefully formulated to enhance the health and well-being of the horse from the foal to the finish line.

Started by the Stone family in Dublin 1966, the company takes pride in its traditional family heritage, and values of trust, integrity, quality and commitment to exceptional customer service. Today’s horse owners expect a lot from their feed suppliers. They expect a quality product that incorporates the most current advances in equine nutrition. They also expect their feed supplier to provide competent advice about how to feed and manage their horses. To be successful in today’s industry, a horse feed manufacturer needs technology, credibility and profile on its side. Pegus brings its customers these important features in a comprehensive consultation programme tailored to fit each horse owner’s individual demands.

Pegus Horse Feed modern manufacturing capabilities and innovative, research-led formulations keep us at the forefront of modern feed manufacturing with our key alliance partners Dairygold Group, Thompsons and Liffeys Mill. Our partnership includes over three hundred years of milling experience and customer care. This provides Pegus with the Ireland’s most technically modern manufacturing mills, with complete testing laboratories, grain storage, flaking and toasting of all our own raw materials. Pegus are dedicated to producing nutritionally sound, innovative rations and providing our customers with an accessible and personal service. We set ourselves the highest of standards in quality control and annual quality audits determine our continued compliance to UFAS (United Feed Assurance Scheme), and FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme). Pegus Horse Feed has an ‘open declaration’ policy, which means that every ingredient that we use is declared on our feed labels and we work to fixed formulations to protect the integrity and quality of our diets.

Good Food Guide

  • Always ensure access to fresh water at all times
  • Feed by Weight, not Volume
  • Try and ensure feeding is regular and consistent
  • Adjust quantities of feed as necessary
  • Introduce changes to the horses diet slowly, as to reduce the incident of digestive upset
  • Ensure a good worming regime is in place
  • Check teeth regularly
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" We try and keep it very simple at our yard with such large numbers of horses passing though , we use 2 feeds Horsehealth Cube "Low Starch"  and Cool Cube  , it offers a  great system that suits us and the horses "

Brian Morrison Global Event Horses International Event Rider

What the Professionals say

"Health mares produce health foals and Ive really seen the benefit of feeding Pegus Triple E to our operation   of Mares, Foals and sale horses , they all Look fantastic"