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Pegus Revival Mash is designed to be a versatile feed for horses during times of stress where hydration is essential and more beneficial than the old fashion bran mash. Pegus Revival Mash is a very palatable mash that entices horses to consume and rehydrate fluids, and an easy means of medicating if necessary. Formulated using key “super-fibres technology” allowing for a quick soaking time for making a mash for consumption. Additionally,
Pegus Revival Mash contains Pegus Xtrolyte Powder to replenish losses after heavy workouts, vitamin E as a source of antioxidants for immune support and muscle recovery, efficiency and overall health and wellness.

When to use Pegus Revival Mash
1 During Travelling
2 After hard exercise
3 After Mares foaling first feed
3 Once a week digestion support
4 Colic Prone Horses
5 Post Colic
6 Convalescing horses and poor appetite
7 Old seniors with poor teeth

Pegus Revival Mash is a highly palatable supplemental feed designed to be used to make a mash to increase fluid intake, enhance electrolyte balance and support healthy digestive function. Pegus Revival Mash is appropriate for use in mares pre and post foaling, during training, after racing and travel and at any time hydration and electrolyte intake and digestive health is of concern. Or as an Alternative fibre feed 2-3 times a week.

Feeding Instructions
To use Pegus Revival Mash mix approximately
1-part feed to 2 parts warm water.
Feed soon after mixing and at a rate of 3-4 kg per day.

Pegus Revival Mash is fully balanced buy not meant to replace a daily feed regimen, but to serve as a supplemental nutritional replacement support during stressful situations.
Always provide a clean, fresh source of water as well as high quality hay.

25% Supplement Pellets (Oat Balancer) 20kg

Pegus 25% Supplement pellets is a concentrated source of the industry’s leading Equine
pre-mix vitamin and mineral pack. Specially formulated to be used in conjunction with oats or
other grains as part of a flexible versatile feeding programme to counter act deficiencies when
blending and mixing rations on larger farms and operations.

Pegus 25% Supplement can also be fed as part of calorie controlled diet for horse requiring
weight loss or weight control while ensuring all essential nutrients are supplied or while horses
and or growing young stock on lush pasture.
Many older horses and ponies can benefit from having additional supplementation of Pegus
25% Supplement into their diets.

Suitable for all types of horse and ponies, over weight foals, mares, yearlings, weight control or
loss with all horse types, older horses.


Pegus Junior 20kg

Pegus Junior is a high protein feed for foals and young-stock. Designed and formulated to
promote strong skeletal growth and outstanding muscle tone in the foal. Contains lower
starch levels to help reduce incidences of OCD and growth issues related to higher grain diets
such as mixes, Pegus Junior offers double cooked grains for better digestibility and healthy
gut function in the young stock and a steady growth curve for developing foals and weanlings.

Suitable for foals, weanlings, yearlings.


Triple E Stud Cubes 20kg


Triple E have been a popular and trusted part of many Irish breeders’ feed plan for decades.
This highly digestible, energy, vitamin and mineral-dense cube uses only the best Irish grains
and cooked cereals to provide readily available energy to meet the needs of the broodmare
during periods of gestation and lactation, both critical in the foal developments and broodmare
health. Triple E is laced with essential minerals from Pegus Equine breeder pre-mix for the
very important final 3-4 months of pregnancy where the foal lays down the building blocks
for strong tissue and skeletal foundation for future strength. The energy dense cubes and
bio-available mineral ensures high quality milk yields in lactation when the foal requires the
mother’s calorie and mineral-rich milk. Triple E benefits stallions during the covering season
with essential energy levels and higher Vitamin E levels improving fertility and libido.

Suitable for all types of horses and ponies, late gestation mares, early lactation mares,
covering stallions, Yearlings, Sales Yearlings.


Pegus Chaff

Pegus Chaff is a lightly molassed high fibre oat straw chaff with the addition of limestone flour and salt. You
can be sure your horse or pony has a palatable feed that also provides an adequate level of calcium and salt in its
diet. Pegus Chaff original is ideal to mix with a concentrate feed to increase chewing time, digestibility and keep your
horse occupied for longer. It ccan also be used as a partial hay replacer when forage is short.

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Good Food Guide

  • Always ensure access to fresh water at all times
  • Feed by Weight, not Volume
  • Try and ensure feeding is regular and consistent
  • Adjust quantities of feed as necessary
  • Introduce changes to the horses diet slowly, as to reduce the incident of digestive upset
  • Ensure a good worming regime is in place
  • Check teeth regularly
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"Health mares produce health foals and Ive really seen the benefit of feeding Pegus Triple E to our operation   of Mares, Foals and sale horses , they all Look fantastic"


Cally Berry MRCVS Vet and Bloodstock Breeder

What the Professionals say

"Health mares produce health foals and Ive really seen the benefit of feeding Pegus Triple E to our operation   of Mares, Foals and sale horses , they all Look fantastic"